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Previously: Ragnarok felt terrible for leaving Soul outside in the Sun to die after he was attacked by Medusa's Vector Arrow. He walks into the Kitchen to find Crona finishing up breakfast and... he isn't acting right. He's being very demanding, reckless, and obsessed over power. Then Medusa walks into the Kitchen after Crona has pushed Ragnarok to the floor. She tells them to quit their fighting and to come along with her to the lab room.

When they reach the lab room, there are 2 hospital beds and some cords set up for re-forming Ragnarok back into Crona's blood-line. Crona happily lays down on the bed, ready for more power. Ragnarok though, is not so sure as he used to be. Medusa scowled him and accuses him as 'acting like the old, innocent, Crona'. She then stabs a needle into his body, putting him into a deep sleep before re-placing him into Crona's blood-line.


While Medusa is finishing up with Crona and Ragnarok, Maka makes her way to Medusa's house to attempt to save Crona and Ragnarok before it's too late; And to move Soul into a safer place to avoid death until Stein could make it to aid him. 

When she arrives at the house; It smells of dead body parts and followed by that, a noise, that sounded like Ragnarok's Scream Resonance. She follows the screams until she finds the lab room.

In the lab room, she looks around, it all of a sudden has grown quiet. 

Then she hears an evil laugh; Medusa.

Medusa ends up really pissing Maka off, and Maka charges at her, using all her anger, strength, and courage to punch her.

Medusa goes flying into some test tubes that contained a highly dangerous and burning substance. It begins burning her skin to the bone, leaving her body melting into a 'river' of blood. Maka enjoys every second of watching her die, she deserved it after all the Hell she had put through everyone. Medusa's last words to Maka were, "It's not me you need to worry about.... It's Crona."  

Then Medusa disappeared into the puddle, and her soul floated from the puddle.


Finally, Somebody stepped forward... giggling madly.

Maka knew that insane giggle... It was Crona... and he had been reunited with the Demon Sword as... Kishin. 


Now On With Chapter 7~


Maka feels a chill go down her spine after hearing Crona's mad giggles.

"Do I dare turn around?..." She thinks to herself.

Crona giggles again. "Turn around..." He grins.

Another chill goes down her spine as she tries to face Crona. Why was it so hard to do? 

"It's because I love him... and can't bare to see him in such a condition... But doesn't that mean I should turn around and save him? I have to... but.. I need Soul for this... he can use black blood and I can use the madness to connect with Crona's wavelength just as I did when we fought Underground at the Eve Party. " 

Maka kept her feet planted to the floor, glaring at Medusa's soul.  It was still floating above the puddle where she had died. It seemed to be mocking her as if she were still standing there watching them. 

"Crona.... Who are you?.... Why would you let Medusa do this to you!?" She turns around, clenching her fists, then slowly she raises her head to see his Kishin face.

His eyes were darker than usual, his dress-like robe had seemed to be longer with Kishin eyes at the ends, and his skin was a very pale white.  

Crona smiles insanely. "Power is all I need in life... Medusa was... a wonderful source of power. So of course I was going to let her order me around, that's the only reason why I let her, silly girl..." Crona sighs, shaking his head. 

"Silly girl...."

Maka stares at him in disbelief that he is acting this way.

"Then why'd you let me kill her?"

Crona looks up, but turns his head to avoid eye contact with her. 

"You beat me to it.... I would have loved to crush her to pieces... and then to have eaten her soul..." Crona's eyes shift around the room, then he eyes Medusa's soul.

Ragnarok licks his lips anxiously, waiting for Crona to command him to eat the Witch Soul.

Crona turns to Maka, still avoiding eye contact. He begins to twitch insanely and giggle.

"I have always wanted to kill her.. but you know what?.. I can't now... because you beat me to it." Crona steps forward more, this time making direct eye contact with Maka's eyes. His gaze was threatening. 

"For that you will pay... Right after Ragnarok eats Medusa's soul." Crona raises Ragnarok up, ready to perform 'Scream Resonance' . 

Maka steps back, guarding Medusa's soul, knowing if he takes it that he will become even more powerful.

"Stay back!" She orders, grabbing Medusa's dark purple soul. 

Crona laughs madly. "You have much potential, you know that? "

"Ugh....  Would you quit your ranting?" She says harshly at him.

Crona giggled insanely again, unable to take things seriously.

"Fine... Fine... On one condition..." He paused. "Maka,  you've grown to become a strong woman with great power. The twins also share this trait." He looks Maka in the eyes, and brings her to his arms. Maka is taken by surprise and a tiny shriek escapes from her throat. 

"You should join Ragnarok and I on this path to madness... What do you say?.. We can all be Kishin's, together." Crona back up a little and puts his hand out for Maka to shake and gives her the best encouraging smile he could manage.

Maka looks up at Crona in disgust and swats his hand away. She looks him straight in the eyes. 

"You're crazy...." She says darkly. She then puts her head down, to avoid his piercing gaze.

She was hoping Soul was alright, and that Stein had reached him in enough to save him death. She couldn't exactly fight without Soul, could she? 

"I have to..." She mumbled under her breath. 

Crona stares at his swatted hand. "Hmmm?.. You mean... you don't want to join us?... " He curls his hand into a fist and punches Maka away with it. She goes flying over the puddle of Medusa's blood, and into the wall; making a huge dent.

She does her best not to show her fear as she slides down the wall with a moan.

"What...are you...?..." She speaks weakly, coughing up blood.

"I am Crona, Kishin, and master of the Demon-Sword, Ragnarok." 

"That's not what I meant.... I meant... what are you? and what have you done to my husband?!" She shouts angrily.

"Your husband?..." His left eye twitched. 

"Yes...." Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she couldn't cry... not now.

"I have no time for love anymore..." He chuckles.  "You see.. I was raised to learn how I don't need love in my life to survive. Besides, love is a distraction and, since I have decided that... I no longer need you, Maka Albarn. Therefore, you no longer need me." 

Maka is shocked at his words, and she couldn't hold the tears in any longer. They spill down her face, mixing with the blood stained on the sides of her cheeks.

"YOU'RE WRONG!" She screams through her tears and blood.

Crona raises an eyebrow in confusion.

Ragnarok licks his lips.

"Come on Crona, eat her soul, then eat Medusa's! I'm fucking starving for souls...." 

Crona ignores Ragnarok, making him go back inside Crona's body. He stares at Maka in confusion.

"What do you mean I'm wrong?" He steps towards her, then grabs her by the neck, holding her up in the air. She gasps for air.

"It's Makenshi....." She says, gasping for air.  

"Makenshi?...." He tightens his grip of Maka's neck. She winces at the terrible pain. 

"Please Crona... Put me down... You're hurting me..." She continues gasping for air, as her face turns purple and pale from losing her ability to breathe.

Crona continues to grip her neck, not sure how to react to her pain. 

"Hurting other people.... Will it really help me heal my own broken heart?..." 

"Don't you care about your family anymore? I thought you weren't one of those guys that only cared about themselves... I gave you my heart Crona, and you're throwing it all away now.. I love you, and I will forever no matter how violent you get!"

Crona begins to shake, scared of Maka's words.

"I can't take it anymore.... I love her... but.. I can't commit to that... Can I? It will make me look weak.... love makes you weak... That's what Lady Medusa has always told me..." 

Crona shakes his head in denial, throwing Maka back to the wall.  "No...... I will just have to kill you then...."

Ragnarok laughs madly. "Yeah, let's eat her soul." He licks his lips.

Maka curls her fists, looking down at her feet. She was really angry and flustered.

"You.... You son of a BITCH! " Maka charges towards Crona, through the puddle of blood. Crona easily reflects her back to the wall. 

"Silly girl.... Calling me names won't get us anywhere..."

Maka, again, falls to the floor, this time unconscious.

Crona steps forward. "Finally.. Now that you're unconscious... I can finally kill you." He closes his eyes, and summons Ragnarok to sword form.


"Shut-up..." Ragnarok spoke as he takes his sword form.


Crona picks Maka up by the neck again, and begins to squeeze her tightly. He hopes the pain will take his away, but it doesn't seem to work.

A blade appears out of Maka's chest, going through Crona's body. Black blood begins to spill from the wound.

"What?... What is this?.. Maka is a Meister..." He coughs up blood. "Not a Weapon...."

She brings the blade out of his body, then knees him hard in the gut with another blade. 

"Now Ragnarok...."  Crona spoke with his words getting weaker; the blood spilling to Maka's feet.

"Bloody Needle!"

The needles went through Maka's body, but it didn't seem bother her due to her being unconscious ; making her fearless against Crona's attacks.

"Damn it...." He thinks to himself. He then looks around, noticing Medusa's soul is gone. This angers him, but he knows he cannot hold back now.

"Screech Beta!" Crona orders Ragnarok. Ragnarok obeys as the sword becomes covered in a black and purple aura and slashes towards Maka; But instead of the sword slashing her body in half , she felt nothing. The attack had failed, but how? 

"Slurp..." Someone licks their sharp teeth, stopping Crona's attack.

"What?... Not... Possible..." Crona fell to the floor, scared of what had just happened.

Maka becomes conscious again, to find Crona on the floor looking helpless. 

"Crona?...." She looks around with a terrible ache in her head.


"You miss me, Maka?" A familiar voice spoke.


His blade was what had stopped Crona's attack. But there was something different about the blade...

Was he a Death Scythe ?

"Soul.... Is that you?"  

Maka's mind spoke to her, as she sensed her Weapon's wavelength. There was also 2 others... Yes... 2 younger soul wavelengths there to... Hiromi and Hiroshi.  Professor Stein must have been successful with saving Soul from death. Yes... That must have been it.

"Maka, it's me! Are you okay?" Soul returns his scythe arm to a regular human arm, then picks Maka up, and holds her in his arms.

Maka's eyes searched around the room, until they met his eyes.

"Soul... You're hurt... why did you come?"

Soul sighs, "I'm better now. Stein was able to fix me up.. But that doesn't matter.. Even if I was still injured I would have came for you." 

Maka smiles sadly. "You're the best partner anyone could ask for."

Soul slightly smiles back,  "So are you... Maka... I know... that this isn't the best time... but..."

"Shh... It's okay... You're here now... i-it's all that matters..."

"Okay..." Soul closes his eyes and brings Maka closer to his face. He kisses her contently, both of them forgetting the rest of the world.


"Great work you two." Stein walks into the lab and chuckles from seeing Maka and Soul together, still embraced. 

They quickly break the kiss and look up to Stein; blushing. 

"Right.... Well you two have some work to do, don't you?"

"Yes." Soul stood up on his feet, helping Maka to her own.

Crona is still on the floor, unable to take in what just had happened. Why had he failed again? It just... wasn't possible... 


Soul turns to Stein, "Where's the twins?"

Stein holds a finger up, signaling for them to stay quiet. "I hear something..."

Maka and Soul listen carefully.

The lab door slams open, snapping it off the hinges, and 2 younger figures walk into the room.

The children walk around the lab, and then see their father on the floor in pain.

They sit beside him.

Maka is in shock to see her twins here and overwhelmed by their strength.

"Holy Shit...." She spoke in awe.

Crona opens his eyes and stares in confusion at the twins, then around to everyone else.

"What...? What the Hell did you do?.." He asked them, looking frightened.

The twins didn't look frightened at all. Hiromi gave her father a look of disappointment as she transforms back into a little human girl. She sighs sadly.

"Papa... You... are really disappointing me... Please come home... Stop this.. I-It's not you.." She looks  Crona in the eyes, her hazel eyes glowing and lighting up his darkened, power-crazed eyes.

This scared Crona more. "Y-Your eyes.. G-Get away from me!" He shouts, scooting away from them.

"No... it's alright... really... Please tell Papa it's alright to come home now.." She turned to Hiroshi.

Hiroshi nodded. "We miss you... Please come home.. Y-You don't have to be afraid... I-I know what it feels like to suffer... and I know you do to.." Hiroshi looks into Crona's darkened eyes with the same identical eye color.

"Please come home Papa! There's no real suffering there..." Hiroshi jumps at Crona, hugging him.

Crona stays silent, still afraid. He couldn't believe this... He was afraid of his own children at this point. 

"You know..... Perhaps.... you are right..." Crona mumbled, as he sets Hiroshi down on the floor.

"T-This madness..." He mumbles.

Maka walks over silently to the area by the twins and Crona.

"Do it now...." She tells them.

They both nod and look deep into Crona's eyes.  

They begin drifting into his soul-wavelength as they connected to it.


Maka and the twins drifted into Crona's mind, syncing with his once again, troubled wavelength. 

The Circle had appeared again, and he was sitting in it all alone. The Shadow questioning him on why he was so afraid? Why he was so obsessed with power? 

"What's the matter? Why don't you fight them back?" The Shadow questions Crona. "Kill them, and eat their souls. You'll become much stronger, and you'll be powerful enough to take over this world and consume it all into Madness." 

Crona shakes his head, feeling troubled and lost.

"I can't... I love them...."

The shadow sighs. "Fine, have it your way. You can kill them and become more powerful Kishin... or you can be a pathetic meister again. Your mother wouldn't be to happy about that, now would she?"

Crona shivers, and begins to slightly twitch. "My mother... is dead... No longer needed... " He whispers.

The Shadow is taken by surprise. "You killed her?!"

"No... I wish I had... I'd loved to have crushed her, piece by piece... I don't know why I'm here... I don't know why I'm acting so.. demanding... I need to calm down...."

The Shadow is still shaken up from hearing about Medusa's death. "You are worthless, nobody will love you after what you've done." It tells Crona, hoping to encourage him to turn back to Madness.

"No... You're worthless!" He shouts, kicking at the Shadow in the sand until it was all gone, ... completely erased.


 Crona drops to the floor with a troubled scream, having a Blood Rejection; the needles coming in and out of his body.  

The twins and Maka stood up off the ground, ignoring the needles as they stabbed through their bodies.

"We need to calm him down." Maka tells the twins.

"Got it." They reply , leaning down to their helpless father.

Crona continued to scream in pain, and Ragnarok was freaking out along with him.

"Papa... It's going to be alright.." Hiromi tells him, looking him in the eyes.

"I can't!" He denies. 

"Yes, you can... Take a deep breathe." Hiroshi suggests. 

"I can't.... Just leave me here to die....." He cries.

"No! Papa we can't let that happen to you!" The twins argue with him, wrapping their arms around him. Maka places her arms around all of them.

"We love you Crona... We mean you no harm.. We just want you to come home..." She whispers in his ear.

Then all of a sudden the needles stop, Crona stops screaming, and Ragnarok also calms down.

"It's going to be alright... we promise... You can come home now..."  


So then, things started settling down within a few weeks. Crona and Maka were back together as a married couple and even remarried. The twins grew up to be very kind, smart, and strong within their heart, body, mind, and soul's. They trained, giving their all everyday with Maka, Soul, Crona, and even Ragnarok ( even though he was still inside Crona. He decided it was better that way)

Hiroshi and Hiromi started to attend the DWMA at around age 14 and were at the Top of the Class, honor students, just like their mother. They worked together, trading the position of Weapon and Meister each fight they involved themselves in. 

Soul still was in love with Maka but wanted to see her happy. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't remember their kiss before she saved Crona. 

So there you have it, May My Soul Reach You; Always 


- The End 

This is the final chapter and fan fiction of "May My Soul Reach You"

(Note: It helps if in the beginning of the chapter if you listen to this song to make it more exciting/interesting [link] and then near the ending to listen to this song [link] they are from the Soul Eater soundtrack ^_^ )

I really want to thank everyone for reading my fan fictions and all the feedback and favorites. If you wouldn't have been there for me, I never would have been able to finish it. I love you all and I hope you continue to read and look at my art and stories. I'm planning on doing a SoMa Oneshot because someone requested it and I really wanted to do some SoMa for a change instead of CroMa.

So... This is the last time I'll ask this about this fan fict. so how did you like "Love Triangle" and "May My Soul Reach You"?

:heart: Please comment and favorite :heart:

AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU ALL :iconhappydeaththekidplz:
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