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       You were sitting by your window, daydreaming as usual with your headphones on. It was one of those days where you wanted to be alone; blocking out the outside world. Your imagination was better anyways. You look out your window, you see that the streets and land had been covered in white. Great, it had snowed. You sighed and shivered a bit as you closed your blinds. You hated snow, it was so cold and wet. . Sure, it was beautiful to look at. . but you hated moving around in it. This must have been why you thought it'd be best to stay inside today. You sigh, slumping down on your bed. It was obvious that you were awfully bored, maybe even lonely. You now wished that somebody, anybody would come and talk to you.

What seemed like a  few minutes later, you must have drifted back into a daydream. . . because the next thing you heard was your mother shaking you, telling you to wake up. You groaned, not wanting to get up. "What is it mum?" You ask her tiredly, rubbing your eyes.

"Your father and I have a Christmas party to attend tonight. We need the driveway cleared so we can get the car out of the garage. Would you be a dear and go shovel the snow?"

Oh boy. . You wanted somebody to talk to you, but you definitely didn't want to go outside in the cold to shovel snow. "What's in it for me?" You ask your mother, looking up at her.

"An allowance." She laughs a bit. "Now hop to it. Your father and I need to be out of here in a few hours." She glanced at you one last time before walking out of your room, shutting the door behind her.

Wow, she actually shut the door for once. You laughed on the insides to yourself as you slipped on your winter coat, boots, hat, and gloves. You didn't want to get cold, right? Right. You looked at yourself in the mirror quickly before leaving your bedroom and heading outside.

When you walked outside, it brought a chill down your spine. You realized how cold it actually was. "Brr.." You mumble under your breath, trying to keep your teeth from chattering. "Now where's that shovel.." You look around and find it up against the garage door, poking out of the snow like a sore thumb. You had to make your way through several feet of snow. Oh, how fun this was going to be to clean up. You grabbed the shovel and began to get to work.

"Heave... Ho!" Pause. "Heave... Ho!" You started to hear in the back of your mind as you continuously scooped up snow and tossed it all into a huge pile by the street curve. The voice didn't sound familiar, but it did sound real. It sounded like a teenage boy's voice. "What the Hell.." You mumble, looking around yourself. Nobody was there. Were you hearing things? "I must be crazy.." You look down at the ground, kicking the snow that was sticking to your boots.

"Hey! Careful with the snow!" You hear a voice shout at you in an annoyed tone.

Okay, you were crazy. What was this voice you kept hearing? "Who's out there?" You call out, gripping the handle of the snow shovel.  "Please tell me I'm not crazy.." You muttered.

Within a few seconds, the same voice responded. It seemed like it was close to you. "Seriously? I made that snow, you should be thankful for it. Not throwing it all around and into the street."

You jump slightly. Who the hell were you speaking with? Were you dreaming? Caught in a daydream of some sort? You couldn't be speaking to strange voices, that was insane. You were never the type of person to talk to random strangers; especially ones who weren't visible. "What... What's your name?" You reply, trying not to hesitate to the voice.

"The name's Jack; Jack Frost. You know, Spirit of Winter?"

You blink. You had heard that name normally around Christmas. Your family and friends would always say something about 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose'. This was even crazier. Were you seriously speaking with Jack Frost? I mean, you couldn't even see him. It was only a voice. "Where.. are you?" You ask, looking around curiously.

Jack laughed. "I'm right in front of your eyes. Maybe you should open them, unless you're blind."

You fluttered your eyes a bit, thinking about the winter spirit appearing in front of you. It wasn't working. Were you doing something wrong? "I.. I still can't see you." You admit.

Jack sighed lightly. "Do you believe in me? You have to believe to see." His voice sounded a bit saddened. Did you believe? Your parents had told you years ago that Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, etc, were all fake. They had never said anything about Jack Frost being real or not though. This was starting to get slightly freaky. . . but interesting.

"I believe in you." You say with a soft smile, looking around once more.

That must have done the trick, because the next thing you knew. . thee Jack Frost was floating upside down, right in front of your face. He had a blue hoodie that had frost on it in occasional places. His blue eyes looking into your _____ colored eyes and his white hair, flowing down. You blushed from the closeness, looking right at him in awe. He was real. You quickly rubbed your eyes to see if it was your imagination messing with your head. It must not have been, because no matter what you did, Jack stayed.
"Wow.. This.. This is amazing!" You say happily, smiling at him excitedly.

He smirked, seeming to like your reaction to him. "Now that's more like it. But I gotta ask.. Why are you tossing my snow around?.. I work hard to make that you know. Why don't you play in it like the other kids?" He looked out and across the street. A couple of children were outside playing in the snow. You weren't exactly a 'kid' anymore. You laughed.

"I hate to admit it, but I don't like snow..." You admitted.

Jack looked at you like you were crazy. "What!?" He flew in front of you, facing you. "That's crazy."

You shrugged. "Not really.. It's cold.. and wet.." You bite your lip, hoping not to offend the Winter Spirit.

He frowned. "So? It's fun to play around in." He threw a snowball unexpectedly at your shoulder, his frown changing into an innocent smirk. You couldn't help but giggle, he looked really adorable with that smirk lighting up his face. "Hmm.. Maybe a little fun couldn't hurt." You grin, balling up some snow into the palm of your glove.

"Now that's more like it!" Jack's smirk changed into a look of determination. "But I'll warn you... I'm the master of snowball fights! Nobody can beat me." Within a few seconds, snowballs were being pelted at every inch of your body.

"Hey! No fair!" You shout, laughter mixed in with your voice. You run through the snow, balling up as many snowballs as you can, throwing them at Jack. Some of them miss and some of them he dodges. He was really skilled at this. You could tell he had been playing it for quite some time. By the time you both had finished your game of snowball fight, your winter coat was covered in white, your gloves were soaked from the snow; as well as your boots. You were laughing so much, having a lot of fun. You hadn't felt this way in a long time. Jack seemed to be having just as much fun. When you were just about to fall backwards into the snow, your mother opened the door in the garage.

"Shit.." You curse under your breath, you had gotten so caught up with Jack that you hadn't finished shoveling the driveway. "Jack, I'll be back!" You quickly called out to him, rushing to your mother at the door. How long had it been since you had come outside? There was no telling how much time you had left before your parents had to leave for their party.

When you stepped up to the door, you looked up at your mother who was carrying a tray with a cup of hot cocoa inside. They looked so warm and delicious. "Mm.." You smelled the fragrance that left the cup and released into the cold air. You could really go for a cup of that cocoa, it was still pretty cold outside. "Hey mum." You say, greeting her. She looks at you then out at the unfinished driveway and sighs. "_____, You didn't finish the driveway." She sounded slightly disappointed.

"I know, I'm sorry.. I'll hurry and finish.." You look down at your boots, not wanting to meet your mothers eyes. You felt like Jack was watching you, but there was no way that your mother could see him. She was an adult. . . Why would she believe in Jack Frost? Your mother sighed. "No, no.." She must have noticed how messy your winter apparel had gotten, because she brought you into the house and made you drink the hot cocoa she had made for you.

"Thanks mum.." You said quietly to her, a small smile on your face. You really were thankful for the warmth, but you also wanted to hurry and get back outside to see Jack. You hoped he wouldn't leave. . . It was nice to have somebody to hang out with.

Your mother watched you sip your cocoa and hugged you quickly before going back upstairs to her room to prepare for the party. You sighed in slight relief, you were alone again. What would your mother do if she knew you were hanging out with the Winter Spirit? or your father? You hadn't seen him all day, but you knew he was protective when it came to boys. You gulped slightly. . . Woah, did you just have a thought about dating Jack Frost? This was for sure the most crazy thought you had all day. No, no, no. You needed to get this thought out of your head right away. You quickly finished your hot cocoa before rushing back outside to the driveway.


When you got back outside, Jack wasn't there. You frowned, yearning for his presence. Where had he gone? Would you see him again? You walked out of the garage. . . When you reached the driveway, you realized that all the snow was gone. "What the.." You say in awe once again. Had Jack cleaned everything up for you? Wow, he was amazing. And he did it so quick too. How would you explain this to mum if she asked? Hopefully she or your father hadn't peeked out of the window while Jack was cleaning up the snow.

"I can't believe he cleaned it up for me.." You say to yourself, a warm smile slipping onto your face. There was something about Jack that made you think. . Oh no, not those thoughts again. . Not those romantic thoughts about actually having a romance with the Winter Spirit, Jack Overland Frost. Would it even be possible? Were you his type of girl? Maybe he wasn't even into dating, period. You sighed, walking back inside. You walked upstairs and into your room, removing your winter clothing. You were soaked to the bone in snow, even with the winter coat on, it hadn't protected your skin from getting wet. If you were outside in the snow any longer you may have gotten frostbite. "Yikes..." You mumble, changing into new fresh clothing. These were your lazy clothes; sweatpants and a tank top.

You finished changing, then decided to go tell your parents you were all done with the driveway. They were currently in the middle of a kiss when you walked into their bedroom. You laughed, this got their attention.

"Hey _____ , did you finish the driveway?" Your mother asked, smiling. Your father also smiled, waving to you since this was the first time you saw him today.

You waved back to your father and returned the smile. "Yup, I'm all done."

"That was awfully quick.." Your mother chuckled. "I knew I could trust you with the job." She walked over to you, handing you a crisp, 20 dollar bill. "It's all yours, you earned it."

You take the money and put it in your pocket. "Thanks mom, thanks dad." You hug your mom and your dad joins in. They were both dressed up in formal clothing and you were in 'lazy' clothes. This felt a bit strange, but you loved your family. "I hope you both have fun tonight." You gave them a warm smile. They smiled back. "We will." They replied in unison.

"You better behave yourself.." Your father tells you, poking your forehead. "And no boys."

You did your best not to gulp. What if you saw Jack again tonight? There was absolutely no way you would ignore him. "I understand, besides.. it's not like I have a boyfriend." You stuck your tongue at him, your hair flipping out of your face as you turned around to go to the door.

Your parents laughed. "We trust you, if you need us.. Give us a call. You know the number." They hugged you one last time before walking outside and getting into the family truck. You watched them go from a window. You then laid down on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. You really, really, really, wanted to see Jack again. Where was he?.. Would he come back? These questions repeated through your head constantly. Eventually, you must have gotten tired. . because you fell asleep around 8 PM.

Around midnight, you started to awaken. There was something knocking at your window. You tensed up, feeling afraid at first. You then realized it might be Jack. You let out a sigh that was mixed with a slightly frightened shiver as you opened your blinds and looked out the window. When you opened the blinds, Jack was floating in front of your window. He must have been tapping on it with his fingers. You sighed in relief, grateful it was Jack and not some creeper. You smiled at Jack and opened your window, the cool breeze flowing into your room as you did so. "Hey Jack." You say, still smiling.

Jack smiles back at you. "What's up?" He asks.

You laugh. "I was asleep..."

"I woke you?" He bit his lip.

You nod. "Mhm.. but it's fine, I fell asleep earlier than I expected to."

He tilted his head at you. "I saw your parents leave... Are you home alone?"

You nod again, wondering why Jack would ask this. You then remember what your father said about 'no boys'. You shook off the feeling and replied to Jack. "Yeah, I am."

Jack grins. "Care to come with me for a while? I swear you'll be back within a few hours."

You immediately felt excited. "I'd love to come along." You say standing up, stretching.

Jack continues to grin, floating under your legs. He places you on his back and you  instinctively cling to his back. Jack seemed to be happy to be carrying you. "I'm going to take you for a fly."

You were slightly afraid, especially because you dreaded heights. Jack would keep you safe though, right? He wouldn't drop you. "Sounds like fun! Bring it." You say with a grin, trying not to show your fear. It must have worked, because Jack didn't seem to notice at all. He flew out the window, closing it behind him before the two of you were soaring high in the air. It was chilly outside, you stayed clung to Jack's back. He was awfully cold, but you swore to yourself that you wouldn't let go. "This is amazing.." You say, watching the beautiful night sky go by as the two of you soared throughout the moonlight.

"Isn't it?" Jack replies, his blue eyes seeming to sparkle in the moonlight. "I love flying out here at night, it's really peaceful.." His voice seemed at ease; calm. This made you smile. Jack made you smile in general. There was something about being around him that made you feel. . . right. You may have just met today, but there was something about him that made you crazy; and not a bad crazy. . . a good crazy.

"Jack... I-I have to thank you for this.. It's really been a wonderful day." You cuddle into his back tightly, he floats down to the ground and stops by a lake. The lake was frozen, the moonlight seemed to make it sparkle. It reminded you of Jack's crystal-like eyes. Jack smiles softly at you, sitting you both down by the lake. "It's been fun.. hasn't it?" He replies, looking at you.

You nod, you couldn't help but blush at the smile he was giving you. "It really has.." You reply softly, looking back into his eyes.

Jack scoots in closer to you, his forehead up against your own. He kept his eyes locked on you as he did so. "You know.. I've been hanging around your place for a while.." He admitted.

"Y-You have?" You blinked, blushing a bit more. How long had Jack been watching you like this?

"Mhm.. But you never saw me.." He sighed lightly.

       You started to feel bad. How couldn't you notice him? He was so kind to you, fun to be around, and you wouldn't admit it yet. . . but he was loving as well. "I'm sorry for that... I don't see how I couldn't have.." You kept your eyes locked on his, gazing down slightly before meeting his gaze again. "You're amazing Jack... you really are.." You felt something cold gently grab hold of your own hand. It was Jack's hand. His cold, winter-fresh breath was brushing against your lips. Were you about to kiss? "I don't know how I could have gone without believing you all those years... but now.. I know that I do." You hoped that would clear part of your guilt up and make him feel a bit better. Jack smiled, his eyes seeming to whisper a million different loveable words. "Well.. that's true.. but what's really believable is you." His lips were now about an inch away from yours, you were speechless. Jack Frost had just told you that you were believable. You never thought that anybody on this Earth would ever tell you this; but the Spirit of Winter just had. . and he was sitting right in front of you, your lips now sinking into each others. He had his hands cupped around your reddened face, both from the cold and his touch. You wrapped your arms around his neck gently, kissing him back lovingly. It seemed like neither of you wanted to stop the kiss, like time had frozen and come to a complete stop. . . . . Within about 10 seconds, your lips finally parted. You both looked at each other; Jack's face was a flushed pink. . but yours. . it was blue. Jack's eyes widened at the sight of your skin-color. "Oh no.." He quickly scrambled to his feet, picking you up into his arms. You had just realized how cold you actually were. . and that you didn't have any of your winter clothing on.

"J-Jack.." You mumbled quietly, your eyes fluttering shut. You felt his cold body up against your own. He couldn't help it though, he had to get you home before you had the chance to grow violently ill. "D-Don't worry! I'm going to get you home. . and fast." He replied to you, he tried not to sound worried. Gosh, he could be so careless sometimes. He hated it. He wanted to slap himself a thousand times. What would happen if you got sick? It would be all his fault. He quickly flew you home, opening the window and flying into your bedroom. He tucked you under your blankets on your bed, hoping you would warm up quickly. You shivered, getting comfortable under the blankets that brought sudden warmth. But where was Jack? He didn't leave again, did he? You shivered again, not from the cold. . but from the fear that you might have just lost Jack. What if he felt so terrible for being careless that he tried to stay away from you? No, that couldn't happen. You wouldn't let it happen. . You were now completely convinced that you were in love with Jack Frost. But the question was. . . Was he in love with you as well?

Your eyes felt heavy, you were exhausted. But you couldn't fall asleep just yet. "J-Jack... Jack!" You called out, sitting up in your bed. You looked all around your room, but all you found was complete darkness. Jack was gone. . .


The next morning, you awoke around 9:30 AM. Your parents would be home around 11 AM. You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes sleepily. You suddenly remembered Jack. "Jack.." You mumbled, hugging yourself. You felt like crying. "Please Jack.. come back.. I know you didn't mean to bring me out in the cold like that.." You sniffle, your nose feeling runny. It was obvious you were now sick from the night before events. You then decide to check your window for any sign of him. When you open the blinds, you find on the window sill that a message was written in frost. It read: "I love you, I'll see you soon. -Jack"

You start to tear up. Jack was real. . and he did love you. He would be back. You smiled through your tears, lifting up a finger and writing beneath Jack's writing . . "I love you, too. I'll be waiting~- ____"

UPDATE: This Fan Fiction is SUPPOSED to be continued. But probably won't be done or bothered with for awhile if I chose to add like I've said to some people. It's more of a one-shot type story. I apologize for the inconvenience.. I wish it could be finished but sadly I have lost the Jack Frost fan-girl phase. Don't get me wrong, I love Jack's character. He's sweet, brave, and attractive. What else could any woman? (or man) want? :heart: Again.. Sorry a million times infinity times. I hope you wonderful people can understand. :hug: (Yes, I'm bad at explaining things. There is a very SMALL.. chance it will be finished. Just don't get your hopes up to far.)

Hello everyone~! I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've become quite a fanatic for Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians :iconblushplz: I went and saw the movie with my best friend, :icons-127: and my little sister, :iconfinnsfangirl12: . It was truly an amazing movie and I absolutely loved Jack's story and the entire movie story-line. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you see it before it leaves the theater.


Anyways~ This is a Jack Frost x Reader oneshot that I decided to write last night. I figured, what the hell? I haven't wrote in awhile. So wala~ "Frozen" was born. :XD: I hope you can enjoy it, I worked about an hour or two on it.

Also, you are not allowed to use this writing. I believe that some people have been stealing my work and using it as their own. I highly do not appreciate that. I don't mind if you download it to put it on your computer... or iPod.. whatever to read later, but please.. do not steal my work.

The Picture came from Google images, I simply added the text.


EDIT: I am pleased to say that this fan fiction of mine has become quite popular. I honestly did not expect this much attention from it! (': I think this is amazing how I actually made the front page (from what people are telling me, I did). I never thought I could do something like that... ^^; I would like to thank everybody who read the story, commented, favorited, and have been giving me advice :heart: . Also, I know I have some spelling errors in here.. and some people have been ratting me out/flaming about it, please don't do that >___< I know some of it's just critics but if I wanted criticism I would have requested a critic XD. ANOTHER EDIT: I have fixed the spellings errors recently, thanks to this site. [link] I'm sorry to those of you who had to read with the some of the bad grammar ^^;

Last thing, I have been getting TONS of requests for a sequel to this. I have thought about it and I believe that I will be writing one soon as possible! :meow: oh yeah and.. some people have been asking to use this story and make artwork out of it. Go right ahead! :D But be sure to credit my story with a link in the description and tell me that you are doing so.

Again, thank you everybody! :heart:
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